The Wall Movie Roger Waters 2014

The Wall

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The Wall: movie information

Original name: The Wall
Director(s): Roger Waters, Sean Evans
Country: the UK
Releasing Company: Rue 21 Productions Limited
Year of release: 2014
Runtime: 133 min
Language: English
Executive Producer: Mark Fenwick
In The Wall movie except Roger Waters you can see such artists as Dave Kilminster, Snowy White, GE Smith and many others. Music by Roger Waters

The Wall album is refreshing and exquisite. The Wall concert is thought to be the first-rate concert ever and it is truly named a musical masterpiece created by Roger Waters. Such kind of music will be pleasurable by listeners for many years and even generations and will definitely be untouchable by the time. It is accompanied by lots of visual effects and unique theatrics. While watching The Wall Live lots of viewers felt the powerful effect. It makes you feel excited and take joy in it.

The international debut of Roger Waters The Wall took place in Toronto, Canada at the International Film Festival. Overall, it’s just and incredible concert film which must be included into everyone’s list of must see movies. According to critics, the film has the best sound ever heard and the cinematography on the highest level.

The beginning of the movie shows us Waters walking off the stage and going home where the attention is played on the certificate of Waters father death. Actually this theme is the central. In the film we can see Roger Waters The Wall concert which is interspersed with his travel to Italy where his father is buried. Beginning of the film is really powerful and we can see Waters’ Outside The Wall. Then it was shown some scenes of the concert when Waters performs Another Brick In The Wall Part I and Part II. Other songs which could be heard on the film also remind us about The Wall antiwar concept. As the main places of The Wall tour were London, Buenos Aires, Quebec City and Athens, the movie was filmed there. The scenes of the movie are magnificent and they allow us to absorb the entire atmosphere. You can see real Roger Waters’ tears in the film. The film ends just like it started from Waters walking off the stage.

It’s impossible to choose right words for describing how great cinematic experience was. The Wall movie got the highest ratings from the critics all around the world and it truly became the appropriate ending to the story which started 35 years ago.