Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The main goal of our Privacy Policy is to help for consumers, businesses and all our customers and users. We understand that they should how we work in gathering and using of the personal information. We have the intention to guarantee you support in case you decide to make knowledgeable decisions when you use both our website and other services.

Our Support Service

For contacting the site administrator on any questions, you should write on e-mail. Our support team will pleasantly help you to make changes in your private information. You can also use support services to exclude some data if necessary.

Information that we collect

When you visit our website, you should be informed with some rules. One of the main is that we’re able to collect personal data. It can be provided by you when you visit our website from your browser. When you use specific browser, this process repeats every time.
Some information can be provide for us optionally: individual information about your personality, your company and your techniques during the registration. Some information could be collected if you decide to subscribe for particular services or registering for email dispatch.

Using of the provided information

Most of all we the information you provide us in order to broaden our activity, to make accessible various services for our clients. Sometimes we use it to acquaint our users with different changes and new services. Also we can have some beneficial offers for you.

Choosing the right options

We provide services when you can choose options especially for yourself. You can refuse from providing your private information not linked with our website.
We have an option to send you news, information about services and products. We offer an opportunity to refuse from all email messages of advertisement kind, or to suspend the notification with the objectives described above.
We have a special category in which we include all users who don’t want to share their private data. If we have various changes in your profile and concerning your private information and its using, we will let you know.
If you don’t want to be a recipient of advertisement messages or any other marketing e-mails, you can refuse from receiving them. For this purpose visit the web page with User settings.

Cookies and how they help to collect information for us

A tiny document in text format is called a cookie. In such document there is a private attributive, which can be received on every website you browse from your own one. It means that such document with your private information will be stored on someone’s computer. It is possible only if you give the permission.
Our main goal in using cookies is to individuate our users from each other. Sometimes cookies are used for preventing you of watching adverts. Also saving your cookies allow us to prevent your logging in process in some cases. We can get to know the number of website’s visitors with the help of cookies. It is also important when we decide which pages are more or less popular as cookies can also show the number of visits. Using cookies helps us in improving our website and making it more convenient in use. You shouldn’t worry about your personal data as it won’t be available through cookies.

Cooperation with third parties

Our website collaborates with third parties concerning the access to some information you provided us. It refers to your name, phone number, and personal address. Also we can share your e-mail address. Such collaboration is aimed to give you the information by our partners we think you’ll be interested in. We share the information when we sure that it will be used in appropriate way. We give the information only for liable partners.
We want to promote our businesses, so we use our partners in order to make credit card payments available. By this reason and to make such kind of operations available we provide the access to some personal data of our users to our partners.
We have the right to sell or exchange personal data as one of ways of developing our business.

Information Protection

We are sure that e-mail is not considered as a safe way to communicate. That is why we want you to think this way and don’t send any important data by email. However, if you need to do this task, you can use SSL (Secure Socket Layer). It has got some benefits. One of the most important is availability of HTTPS URLs. For more information contact our Support Service.

Ways to make changes in your personal information

All of the information we store bout your data can be changed. If you need to make some modifications in your private information which we have, please, contact our Support Service.
There are links to other websites on our site. We want you to be warned that we are not responsible for them. We are not liable about any information provided by other websites. We provide links to other websites only if you wish to get more information on some topic. In case you visit other website from our website our Privacy Policy stops being active and you will totally be under other website’s Privacy Policy. We strongly recommend to get acquainted with the policy of other website when you visit it.
When you enter our website, you automatically agree with all of our rules. In case we have some changes in Privacy Policy, you’ll be informed about them by posting them on our website. You can review all updates to be familiar with all statements.

Reporting of Changes

We inform our customers that sometimes we make changes in our Privacy Policy. All of users will be informed with any updates on our website. To get to know all necessary information, you can visit Privacy Policy page and be aware with all important issues. We take care our customers will always be aware with any changes. If you are subscribed for news, you will get the newsletter with all updates and changes. It will help every user to be informed with all issues connected with using the private information.