Roger Waters Photo


During Roger Waters career there have been made countless number of photos. We decided to showcase the most popular of them. See current updates of the singer on our website.

Here you’ll see a great number of Roger Waters photos. They include Roger Waters pictures from the concerts and personal photos from a singer. We also added Roger Waters recent photos. They contain pictures from various TV shows in which Waters took part. There are pictures of Roger Waters with partners and their number is quite large, with friends and band mates from Pink Floyd.

Pay your attention on an exquisite collection of Magazine scans of Roger Waters. Here you’ll find a large number of pictures shot during the long career of singer. Magazine articles featuring Roger Waters show a great artist in his best.

Special attention must be paid to Roger Waters tour photos. He performed in lots of different concerts to support his albums around the world. Over the years of his solo career he performed In The Flash Tour, The Dark Side of The Moon, his famous The Wall Tour and also Roger Waters performed Newport Falk Festival in 2015. There are also pictures which are related somehow to the Ca Ira Opera which is written by the artist.