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Roger Waters Us + Them Tour 2017

For all of the fans who are passionately waiting for appearing on the greatest stages one of the most talented singers Roger Waters there are great news. He is going on tour to North America. Us+Them is a new and exciting tour which will let you a possibility to become a part of outstanding shows with Roger Waters on the best stages. Roger Waters tour tickets became available for sale from October, 21.

Roger Waters live shows always had an outstanding success combining breathtaking sound and unforgettable visual effects. US + Them Roger Waters tour should be even more dramatic and remarkable providing high-class show from a professional singer. Fantastic atmosphere will let the audience to feel exceptional emotions and the show will not to be forgotten.

All fans are able to buy Us + Them VIP packages and presale tickets. All tickets for Roger Waters Us + Them tour are available for sale since October 21st. Presale tickets and VIP packages for Us + Them tour could be purchased since October 17th with only exception of some concerts in Canada. Tickets for Quebec City concert in Us + Them Roger Waters tour will be on sale at noon on November 4th 2016.


Us + Them tour announcement

Roger Waters announced about his upcoming tour during his participation at the Desert Trip festival which took place in California during the first weekend of the festival on October, 9 2016. The festival united such legendary singers of rock music as Roger Waters, the Who, the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan.

Besides announcement of his forthcoming tour, Waters criticized Donald Trump who at that time was a candidate for presidential elections in the USA from the Republican Party. The audience saw inflatable pigs in the air on which it was possible to read some slogans against Trump.

Roger Waters previous tours

During his long career, Roger Waters had an incredible quantity of concerts and shows. When it comes to the solo career of the artist, Us + Them is going to be his third tour. Roger Waters previous tour was in 2010-2013. It was called The Wall live and had a great success. Besides The Wall Roger Waters had his The Dark Side of The Moon Live tour in 2006 – 2008.

The name for the tour and the main idea

As Roger Waters is going to show to the public his new Us + Them album, there are lots of questions about it now. All material in Us + Them show will be united under one theme. Roger Waters gave his Us + Them tour the name like one of classic Pink Floyd song Us And Them which was released in 1974 as a part of The Dark Side of The Moon album. In this song the band song about rich and poor. The song has been included in a great number of Pink Floyd concert shows and Roger Waters concerts after leaving Pink Floyd. Us And Them is the longest song in the album.

Waters gave the tour such name because it calls for uniting, holding each others hands and it is about understanding the simplest things in life which the author speaks about during his long-lasting career. Roger Waters calls for thinking that we must be united and “Building walls is not the answer”. "I was listening to the song the other day. There's a line which goes, 'With, without, and who'll deny that's what the fighting's all about?' And the answer to the question is this: Almost everyone. Almost everyone will deny that 'with/without' is what the fighting's all about. My contention is that it is. That's why my new tour is going to be called 'Us and Them.' It's specifically about that line." said Waters.

“The show will be centered on love and the idea of the transcendental nature of the acceptance of love,” Roger Waters said. “Everything springs from that central idea of this new work.” The singer told during one of his interviews that a great part of primary songwriting as a radio play which consists of about 12 tracks. The main character is an old Irishman who is looking after his granddaughter. She woke up because of a nightmare in which she saw all the children dead, but the grandfather tries to persuade her that it was not true. The most important question arises about why they kill all children. The main topic of Waters next album is love. Roger Waters said that “It’s pondering … the question of how do we take these moments of love – if we are granted any in our lives – and allow that love to shine on the rest of existence, on others.” The singer pays a lot of attention to theatrical moments to make every his performance a real state-of-art.

Roger Waters solo career

After the singer left the band Roger Waters started his solo career and the first album which was released is The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking. He continued creating new works.

Roger Waters career also includes two other studio albums: Radio K.A.O.S. and Amused to Death.

He supported Radio K.A.O.S. album with successful and simply great world tour. One more international tour Waters had to support his next album called In The Flash Live. Another popular Roger Waters album was named Amused to Death which has anti-war concept.

Another successful Roger Waters opera is called Ca Ira (2005), and then he presented eclipsed Dark Side and lately documentary of singer’s The Wall. It is a semi-autobiographical opera written by Roger Waters when the artist was in Animals tour.
It is worth saying that one of the most extraordinary and astonishing rock concerts was performed by Roger Waters in 1990 in Berlin. It gathered about 200 000 spectaculars.

Among Roger Waters there is U.S. Rock and Rall Hall of Fame where singer was included in 1996 and UK Music Hall of Fame (included in 2005).

When it was announced about Roger Waters tour 2017 called Us + Them lots of critics admitted that it will probably be as bright, professionally held and triumphant as previous tours.

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